Black and plus by Dalma Dobisz

The focus of my work is that the members tell their own stories. Lines, dots and color contrast to one another and show different stories. I am inspired by earth, air, forest and fire elements in my samples.
I start my painting always abstract areas of color and different shapes, elements and ideas.
This creative process is produced by the composition of colors on the canvas. I try to discover new styles and find this often by chance.
This gives me the chance to put my ideas and intuitions in my work.
I feel this transition from abstract to figurative painting as a real beauty.
In my paintings repeatedly alternate increase and reduction of color and texture each other to create duality and tension.

Often my images appear to the viewer as part of the universe: time showcase jewelry, then a butterfly, sometimes a spring bloom, another time star.
The duality of the abstract and the figurative causes at each own associations.
Dalma Schwertführer- Dobisz


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