Aquacryography/Photography by Luc Langlois


Aqua | Aqua - water.
Cryo | Kruos - cold.
Graphy | Graphia - enters into the composition of nouns denoting recording methods.

“Artistic technique of applying and ouvrager different mixtures of pigment on plates of pure ice or chemicals that are one or thawed and refrozen several times while undergoing various physico-chemical treatments, then proceeding the melting of the final set on paper or on canvas.”

Luc LANGLOIS [2006]. Traduction by GoogleTranslate from the original french. Published in french by l'Office québécois de la langue française.


By using emerging canevas such as water and ice, I allow nature to cooperate in my creative work, and nature works in the same direction by creating patterns, symbiotic relationships that generate lifeforms. The aquacryography* is a practice that reveals the geometry of nature and its possible worlds. These structures are highly complex and traces the legacy of all physical laws, as chaotic as they are, and organize our cosmos are the fingerprints of the universe in all matter.


"Instantaneous, on the spur of the declining movement," Luc LANGLOIS seizes the ephemeral side of an evolving world going away, coming closer, joining, dissolving, hanging in a floating brightness. Defying the laws of balance, his shapes do not present any grip, any gaze resistance, they are free, and they drag us towards the infinite, the game of space."

-Danielle Legrain, art critic

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