Fusion Art by Alexander Ovchinnikov

As all abstract works my paintings are actually the result of manipulations with colour, shape and texture. The only difference is that I use the desktop of my MacBook instead of a canvas. 20-year experience of computer graphics allows me to embody any ideas on the screen.
Initially my painting is just a computer file which is later printed on special equipment, which can render millions of colours and uses special indelible light-resistant ink. It allows putting images on different surfaces: paper, plastic, fabric, etc.
I print my paintings on a canvas, then I pull the canvas on a stretcher. After that I spend a lot of time completing the picture manually (usually I use mixed technics – acryle, oil, oil pastel and other materials), and then it undergoes final processing. That way the original painting is created. It is unique and always comes in a single copy.
I also make a limited edition copy, usually no more than three copies. Modern printing techniques allow to make high-quality prints of the original file on any of the selected materials and the size you need. To exhibitions I'm usually printing on paper + polymer glass (technology Diasec), or special print into the fabric. The price of this copy is quite democratic and depends largely on the size and material. Each print is accompanied by a certificate of copyright.

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