Shadow of the Avian Family by William T. Moore III

William T. Moore III – Artavita Artist Statement 10/23/2022
While in Texas four years ago I went walking outside and came across a very large grove of oak trees filled with hundreds of blackbirds. They were singing and rustling their wings in a symphonic cacophony that by sheer volume was emotionally moving to me. It was in this moment I felt not only the magnificence of the blackbirds, but also the majesty of God the Great Creator’s Artistry. Now when in the studio working, I feel one with my Higher Power.
The sculptures I am presenting all have their genesis in birds, peanuts, almonds and heart structures. All directed in various ways towards sarcasm’s and lampooning’s of the nationalistic and authoritarian right throughout the United States and the world. The strength of this artwork lies in the use of building methods in bronze and woodworking techniques, such as hand carving and building methods that gives my sculpture life. To leave a positive mark on this world is what I am about. I am trying to do that through my sculpture and my legacy.

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