Handi Behric, Master of art by Handi Behrič

ART — Sublime

My insight into the process of artistic creation

The world is because of man. It is in man's art to reflect him in all sensual beauty and attuned sublimity. At the same time, it gives a person the meaning of life and sometimes a critical note of where he has gone because of his free will. In my in-depth various artistic creative autonomy, I seek my own knowledge and perception of the world in all its beauty and incomprehensibility. I want to pass on this vigilance to every fellow human being. The fundamental question about the structure of the world that science and religion offer us through various concepts is still vague. Combined science and art, however, are already giving a new spiritual aspect to man.
The appearance of the world is not just what we see and hear. What is it that I do not see but hear and feel?
With different artistic language, I enter the unconscious - the idea of ​​the spirit. I seek her materiality to give her form and communication with man. I want to contribute to society and culture to be aware of the state of feeling and the perception of the incomprehensible.
Art has the power to freely enter the unconscious field of the idea of ​​the spirit. From it he draws everything that is still vague, invisible ... what could be but is not yet. He sees all the beauty and wisdom of the orderliness of countless suns, makes them aware and invisible to the face. Uncovering these invisible forms of particles is the creative enthusiasm of the artist, who is slowly realizing that he himself is part of this whole. Human expression in this field of spirit knows no bounds.
The sublime that touches us comes from the spirit. It comes to us as a kind of unexplained outpouring of the “WOV effect” or miracle. This direct address always works in a positive context. To ennoble us for something higher and good, albeit as an unexplained feeling.
Real art is the realization of the spirit.
From my artistic cognitive research, I observe that matter and spirit are the foundation of art. The simultaneous appearance of the two binds the intertwining. Matter cannot be without spirit and spirit cannot be expressed without it. Matter is nothing but the visible temporary form of trapped - compressed intelligent particles of the spirit. This temporary appearance is visible to us as a form of matter or object of the eye that changes intelligently all the time. This change or growth comes from the unexplained world of the spirit of thought-idea (ether). In the process of material existence, through the developmental growth of the transition from the mineral - plant - animal and finally to man, all these intelligences are combined into the absolutely intelligent perfection of the record of the idea. The formation of the mind in man is the perfect record of this idea. He expresses his perfection through word - speech, form - image and sound - music. This perfection is only in man and therefore he can also be an artist.
The expressiveness and emotional response of an individual is diverse because it is conditioned by free will and the development of spiritual cognition and perception. Uncovering fog to the sun's path. The spirit of every nation is as great as its art.
Man is given to know and understand these processes through an in-depth observation of the vitality of nature. It reflects the perfection of the functioning of life. It saddens me that this very intelligent man, with his free will, is destroying her more and more, and thus directly himself.
We need to make our mind aware that we are part of nature and cosmic life with the highest mind acting as one whole or as one great cosmic being. The noblest part of awareness is in the field of art and is closest to that realization.
In the human mind, this phenomenon is expressed as sublime. Research in the field of art and cognition can make us meaningful and ennoble us for higher goals.
In recent times, art has spilled over into massively diverse fields. The whole world is slowly but steadily merging into one.
The state of the world today has become a little strange in all areas, as if it is running away from our acquired comfort and wants to put us on a new, more meaningful level of regulation. In virtual digital worlds and artificial intelligence, we are losing the genuine natural senses and morality of man. We neglected functional aesthetics and healthy relationships with each other. There is less and less real art. What else is beautiful today that doesn’t hurt the eye? Where is the miracle? Is this today a new miracle marked by a new global pandemic? It is strangely true that for the first time she has embraced the whole world and connected it into one in her own way. Is a new world order promised to man? Sobering up. Human reset.
It opens man's misty eye to see nature again and to feel it with true charms, with a miracle intended for man. To realize how much he has polluted and destroyed it for his own convenience and to get back the surplus of his waste already in the food chain. New changes must not go into gloom and are inadmissible to take away any critical mind and sense of art.
The true artist already knows to whom the birds sing, why the trees rise to the sun, why the ripe ears gently wave and whisper to man, "The seed is ripe for harvest." Art awakens man like the dawn of a day. The sun sends loving warm rays to our cheeks and draws strokes as the artist knows how to paint them.

Art should remain written in the search for eternal truth, which is incomprehensible and that is why it always discovers new insights that lead us to better and more beautiful changes in the world. Let’s just remember how Cubism turned the world upside down. We ennoble these values to maintain them as a healthy holistic and aesthetic creative structure across all artistic practices, and work with science to bring this into artificial intelligence.
The spirit is always in the furrows of the field of art, waiting for man to sow a good ripe seed. Let us not allow the diverse weeds to outgrow these fields that have grown and taken hold, especially in the spheres of multinationals and politics, as they have lost all heart and reason and human dignity.
It's time for a new strain.

SI-Mengeš, EU, February 21, 2021

Handi Behrič, Master of Fine Arts

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