The South African condition by Dalene McIntosh

These works have been inspired by the current condition in South Africa.
The racial tensions in this country are palpable and nearly 25 years of democracy have done little to appease the majority for the oppression they suffered under apartheid. The minority become more fearful as time goes on and the anger mounts against them. The majority find little or no support from their new oppressors, their own government.
This series began as a project to attempt to portray the positive influence these groups have had on one another and to encourage and brotherhood between them.
Once the project got started I began to realize the apparent futility of the small voice of one artist in a tumultuous and volatile political climate. I became more disillusioned with what I was attempting to do and even began to be fearful myself as a member of the minority, despite my previous confidence.

The project is ongoing and I continue to look for the previous confidence I felt that this country will eventually reach true peace and acceptance.

We must ..... for the future looks destructive.

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