New Life Lutheran Church by Troy Knight

I was commissioned by the board of the New Life Lutheran Church to design and create 1 - Ascension Window that would total 126 Square Foot, 8 - 24" X 47" half round windows each with 1 - 14" round medallion of the life of Christ and 1 - 36" round window of the Lutheran Seal for their Church Building which was just beginning to undergo construction, working closely with the board of directors and the contracting company that was in charge of building the Church I was ready to install all of the New Aluminum Window Frames and the Stained Glass Windows immediately after the interior was painted. The members of the Church wanted only the top section of the 8 side windows in Stained Glass to allow for natural daylight to enter and to keep the view of the property.
98 Square Foot of Stained Glass.

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