Art in Negatives by Petar Djordjevic

The very title of the Djordjevic´s latest collection – The History of Art in Negatives – indicates that the artist has touched a very specific artistic issue, wider and deeper than the question of pure artistry and different from postmodernist ideology of claiming the past. He has chosen several great ( if not the greatest ) masters of art, spiritualists and creators of the great European tradition ( from Leonardo, Michelangelo, Botticelli, through Vermeer, Velasquez and Delacroix to certain representatives of impressionism and surrealism ) and thus surrendered himself to the magical influence of their art, not as a passive admirer but as a woken artistic self conscience supported by the experience of modern and postmodern artistic practice. It appears that this contact initiated a miraculously fruitful creation process of personal artistic vision of Petar Djordjevic which touched some secret and lasting coordinate of a great system of the classic artistic language.

Every painting consists of three temporal dimensions - of three levels followed by three adequate formal linguistic expressions: the first dimension represents the time when the painting was made; the second dimension represents the reflection of time to which the painting is directed by the presence of a beholder ( a typical representative of the present time ) ; the third dimension belongs to the authors whom Petar Djordjevic addresses – to the grand masters of the European art whose significance displays itself as an illuminated arch connecting the past and the future.

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