Cycle Scream by Dragan Markovic Markus

The scream as a theme is the product of my inner unrest, a manifestation of a kind of human denudation, denudation to the color of the flesh. Denudation is metaphorical, not natural - descriptive. Although, the red color, whether we wanted it or not, indicates blood, live flesh. If the most dominant experience of the scream as a reaction to fear, the hopelessness of a situation or state, then it indeed is human uncovering to the core. It is a dead end, we are powerless, scared, we do not know where and how - we are looking for help. Whether or not we are aware of it, every scream is a call for help. It is this primordial nature of man as a socialized being, where we are turned towards one another, and that is the only way we can survive.

Painting, although created within one direction or artistic influence, is of deep personal nature; search for the meaning of life occurs only within the boundaries of individual self-confirmation. My attention has been diverted to the painting's essence, viewed through specific prism of personal sensibility, in search for a painting serving as a personal reflection. Emotion, a full constitutional element of a painting, is a possible dominance in proved existence of traditional painting in the totalitarian era of digital media and the marginalization of humans and their individuality. No matter how my paintings are my subjective opinion and personal poetry, I reserve enough space for a spectator and his personal combinatorics, provoked by my visual expression.

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