NATURA SACRA by Snezhina Biserova

The graphic series "Natura Sacra" includes 22 works, accomplished in the technique Computer Generated Design and printed on certified cardboard Fotospeed High White Smooth 315 gsm, 110 x 145 cm in size.
The series is based on the author's photographs, created specifically for the purpose of serving the concept. The compositions are built on the basis of the central perspective and the mirror symmetry which gives the desired hieratic element. The richly intonated graphical space creates the feeling of entering the sacred interior of a temple and is associated with the polyphonic impact of organ music. The sacral symbols – triangle, pyramid, square, arch - complement this suggestion. The central point where all the lines converge concentrates the feeling of unity and peace; it begets in the recipient that meditative-contemplative state, which is the essence of art, which includes the viewer and makes him a part of the artwork's space.

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