ART EXPRESS by Gabriel Heimler


CURATOR: Gabriel Heimler

Art Express took place in Berlin, Budapest, Essen (European Culture Capital 2010) and at Balaton (Balatonfüzfö) in Hungary.

In the context of Art Express international artists from Berlin, Budapest, Paris and Essen painted fiction imagery based on their life journey between their birth place and chosen home and art creation place. At the same time the artists were asked to maginfy their view about the town they settled down and to become ambassadors of their town.

Every artist representing his own personal style creates three paintings. They are fixed on a triangle base that hangs from the ceiling in a form of a tent. Each internal space created by three paintings has to be regarded separately making reference to the Leibnitz philosophy of human individual as unique and connected with another by waves .

We look for other artists that would love to participate in Art Express and to invite the exhibition to their towns.

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