Luis Jacinto Argumedes, artist by Luis Jacinto Argumedes

I am an eternal dreamer… especially in painting. I find refuge in painting to escape from the daily reality of being a simple payer of taxes. Therefore I compose what I call my “optimistic dreams'' on canvas or paper. These dreams are populated by imaginary women, fantastic horses, colourful trees, generous fruits and tropical landscapes.
My painting is symbolic. Woman becomes there, very often, the beach, the mountain, the wind; other times she’s hope, patience, or, simply, life. Horses are the male force in my work and they represent time, freedom or my desire of going beyond. My fruits are full with humanity and with them I speak about myself or about the generosity of Mother Nature. Trees are my `elder brothers' and I pay to them a special homage in my work; I like a lot to highlight the close relation that exists between them and us, humans: after all, it is thanks to trees that we all breathe. In other words, in each painting I try to create a visual poem with the elements of life I love the most.
To carry out my dreams on canvas I have chosen acrylics, and on paper I prefer watercolour and ink. Richness of color is vital in my paintings as it connects me directly with my Latin American origins; and, sometimes, I add some textures to the painting surface by mixing sawdust or fabrics with acrylic pigments and mediums, just to break the flatness of the bi-dimensional support. I enjoy as well bringing my creativity into the art of printing, especially the silkscreen process, in which I draw directly over the screen to create more and more visual poems. Ceramics is another artistic practice in which I connect with art and nature. I do ceramic sculpture with the same ambition of creating good news for the eye and soul. In clay I pay tribute to the beauty of the human body, which I think is the center of the Universe.
My biggest aim as an artist is touching the heart of the spectators, by sharing with them my own heart and my humble way of seeing and loving life.

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