LXM Artist by Alex McPherson

Ever since she won a  colouring-in competion at 3 years of age, Alex has been addicted to art. As a child, Alex rarely was seen without a pen or pencil in hand, and at 16, whilst at Westlake Girls High, she discovered oil paints, painting a series of self portraits.
Alex attended Elam School of Fine Art in Auckland in the 90’s, where she discovered a love of texture and colour, using the palette knife a lot, to create impasto style work with pure paint (no medium). Inspired by the works of Van Gogh, Alex studied his style of artwork and life and developed her own style that has evolved over time to something unique and colourful. Tutors include Robert Ellis, Don Binney, Dick Frizzell and Phillipa Blair.
Over time Alex has been influenced by nature, creating montages with flowers, and developing a series of underwater scenes reflecting the colours and patterns of a different world under the sea. She is inspired by living things, such as people, and recently birds. Alex also enjoys painting New Zealand landscapes, especially coastal scenes. Expressing the beauty within and around us is important to her.
Alex has artworks in collections in New Zealand, Switzerland, England, Australia and USA.

Currently, Alex is a director of Thornton Gallery in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Portfolio Entries