Abstract Paintings by D.U.R.A

My exploration & experimentation on abstract paintings which I used as a medium to express & interpret my thought, feelings, ideas as well as a therapy for my difficulties of sleeping. My abstract painting doesn’t focus on form or shape but playing with colours that depict emotions and feelings. I spend my nights painting on canvases where colours and whimsical brush strokes tell stories of their own with glee. I love to experiment and explore therefore I used a few types of painting techniques in my art such as mark making when I want my painting surface to be visually active with the play of bold and expressive brushstrokes to create movement. At other times I will use Sgraffito technique with vivid colours where I will use painting tools to scratch the layers of paints to revel the colours of underneath to achieve a dynamic and vibrant surface.

When I paint, it's all about being impulsive, free-form, gestural strokes and organic. The colourful seasons, the light of the day and the moods of the surroundings that flicked my emotions made me want to get my hands dirty with paints, runs the brushes, overlapping layers of colours and textures while gracefully dance the palette knives on the canvas with theirs own stories & meaning for my audience to interpret.

Portfolio Entries