The Big Cloud by Marwan

This piece of work have a special event with me, when I was a soldier in the military army and while I was in my guard duty in open space, I raised my face up and what I saw is a big huge cloud, which was just 40 meters maximum up above my head, but it was not just a big cloud as I use to see any cloud in any regular day, but it was like a piece of beauty showing me itself under a golden light of the sun, it was showing me the greatness and creativity of the creator, it was like great whale with a full details and momentum swimming in the sky front of my face, and there was an internal language between us that I can't even describe it, but I kept looking to it with a stunning face for a long time, it was a big moment back in that time, maybe I was thinking I can use it someday somehow, after years later when I decide to express this moment it jumped into my mind a wonderful lessons announcements that I use to closely follow it for artist Tim Gagnon which contain on how to paint a big heavy clouds, so I purchased one of his lessons as a supporting material especially for my new painting which was a very good decision (by the way, buying a new lesson to help me finishing a particular painting, that was a new exciting feeling I tested it for the first time) , nevertheless it took me a lot of time and efforts to end my big cloud, maybe because it was the first time I paint that size with this kind of quality, so finally here it is, enjoy it .
You can see it through the link below

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