children in war by Dori schechtel zanger

Children in war

There are no winners in war, only losers.
Children in war- lose life, lose hope and lose the future.
They say –" Good fences make Good neighbors" – many times instead of order the fences only Couse more disorder. Especially in places like the Middle East were religion, land and ideology are more important than human life.
Sometimes it all seems like a big game of chance were mothers from both sides of the border are just sitting and waiting to see whose child will receive the Game over notice.
War creates refugees, Freedom – just around the corner from me - the hope for a better life, mixed with fear, despair, and hunger. Create human tragedies of men, women and baby's drifting in mid see on broken down vessels. People with a whole life story ripped in half. But The world looking from the side doesn’t see people, they see vessels, waves of immigration, socioeconomic threat. Demographic changes. The refugees are just a number, a point on a statistic Graff somewhere. The human tragedies are converted to a political problem dealt with by rules, regulations and detention camps.
Turning the refugees to a political problem is forgetting their human condition.

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