Digital Artworks by Robert K Doi

These are all based on the original full color drawings of my originals that have been digitally manipulated using PhotoShop to change their colors. This dramatically enhances the visual qualities of the original color scheme and compositional impact! In many instances the most striking color variations occur when through the use of PhotoShop the original color scheme is inverted, i.e., the very striking complimentary colors digitally appear. E.g., all my drawings on white background paper become solid black or a striking contrasting blend similar to a night scene with almost neon iridescent, glowing colors "dancing" or popping right at you! There is also an infinite array of other color scheme possibilities a digitally manipulated PhotoShop version is capable ofn producing! The expertise reveals itself if a PhotoShop operator can reproduce every possible viable version and save the files that best brings forth the visual elements most suited for that particular composition.

Portfolio Entries