BALANCED ZONE by Alejandro Arrepol

In my work the composition of the painting plays an essential role. With a vision based on magic realism; the objects and figures seem to have been extracted from an undefined time; it is the internal time of the characters, each one submerged in his/her own experiences with a unique and individual rhythm. Trapeze artists and acrobats, among others, are inserted in magic scenarios seeking stability and balance or trying to find a space to be able to exist. They are dressed in colorful costumes which help to hide their true identity and draw people’s attention in a ludic spectacle.
The characters are in constant movement or are definitively static or still, trying to emit body signals in a deep game of introspection and interaction with scenarios that are often not still and that, by means of walls or curtains, only seek to take in and unify this horde of emotions.

Alejandro Arrepol

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