Marcus Luconi by Marcus Luconi

Artist Statement - Marcus Luconi I am a photographer in love with images produced with the human figure, portraits, environments with natural light, mixture of lights. All light is fundamental and used in my art. Elemental, a photographic project created in 1996 that lasted until 2005, unites the human with the environment. Photographed in natural light and eventually used a flashlight to highlight important spots. Produced on the Set, location of the photos, the work consists of original photography, without pre-production montages. My focus in photography is the human figure, where professional models have always been present, more capable of directing on stage and letting themselves be carried away by the interaction with the environment. It is important to mention that the photos were taken with artistic makeup and art complements on the models' bodies, excellent work by a professional specializing in this art. Elemental is a current project even today, where more and more people talk about the environment and we must keep talking. The work was carried out with color transparent photographic film and medium format cameras. Subsequently, the photos were digitalized in high resolution, allowing large prints to be made on fine art paper. My art is based on original and creative photographic technique. Forms found in nature, such as Symbiosis, Mimicry and Camouflage, were used as an image reference, enhancing respect between species. Man cannot take over all forms of life, he must respect and collaborate so that Nature follows his path, Flora, Fauna and Humanity. The Human Being and the Environment. Respect between species.

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