Becoming Transparent by Adamska-Jarecka

The portfolio” Becoming Transparent” proposes a new way of thinking about the old theme of melancholia in art, considering the contemporary aesthetics of disengagement and mental trauma. The subjects in my work are self-absorbed, split in self-seeing, the mind arrested in delusions, alienated, rejected and wounded. These subjects face the anguish of the mind that spreads throughout the body, leading to disconnection and isolation. The figures often seem to be monolithic, inert but are also dynamic through bursts of emotion.
As a scientist on one hand and mental/emotional exhibitionist on the other, my goal is to communicate my observations on the internal workings of the mind through enactments. This articulation allows me not only to state the facts, but to confess, to become less obscure, to become transparent in order to self-heal. Addressing depression from an artistic standpoint and using the human figure as a symbol, my work is informed by new research in cognitive and behavioral science, as well as by contemporary feminist theory and critical strategies in the field of woman’s subjectivity.

Portfolio Entries