Representational Paintings by Jane Cornwoman Fowler

My representational work draws heavily on my background as a BIPOC woman who grew up in Seattle, Washington and was influenced by Northwestern Native American art forms. I linger on culturally relevant moments and bring them to life with soft gestures and brilliant tones as the essence of my work. My hope of nurturing emotion until it rises to the heights of joy in living cause light to radiate from my canvases. I use my constructions with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition, and brought to a place of harmony and rhythm. I create fluidity with a vast range of expressions. My African American background is expressed in figurative and mask works. My Native American heritage helps me create visuals for storytelling. Animals, objects of importance to me, and human figures have a spiritual element that are expressed boldly in my artwork and portray my cultural identity.
The representational paintings are made with Utrecht acrylic or oil paint on canvas, masonite, and wood. Mixed media paintings include Native American beading, fabric, native materials, and animal fur.

Portfolio Entries