A Selection of My Artworks by Aine Scannell

While I was undertaking my Masters Fine Art studies in Barcelona, Spain I encountered printmaking, this introduced me to a branch of fine art where I discovered a huge range of possibilities in terms of mark making and I just loved it to its bones. One of the things that I particularly liked was that there seemed to be no rules and a boundless field, in which it was possible to play with materials and meanings.

This Pandora's Box could be using intaglio carborundum, Japanese papers, cutting up copper sheets into figurative shapes OR using drypoint on transparent rigid plastic or perhaps making an aluminium etch which has been, one of my more recent experiments/investigations.

Through the exploration of materials that I conducted I found an enrichment to my image making. I also delighted in creating printmaking based “installations” as a means of communicating more complex and open ended concerns about issues of interest to me.

These, I was able to realize by making reference to the inherent characteristics/social connotations of certain materials e.g., ‘salt’. I would use these ‘symbolically as well as for practical printmaking purposes in the workshop. I loved the dynamic that was opening up to me as an artist, the more I became embroiled in professional practice as a printmaker.

Portfolio Entries