Dare to be Different by Ilona Abou-Zolof

Dare to be Different
We strive for the norm.
We don’t dare deviate,
for fear of rejection
from parent, peer, or schoolmate.

If you do, you’ll be labelled
weirdo, kook, or quack.
People may point at you
or talk behind your back.

But what, exactly,
defines normal, anyway?
Is it in the way we look
or in the things we say?

Do we have a formula
to measure by degrees
the ability to “fit in”
with the greatest of ease.

But me, I don’t care
if you think I’m a freak.
I’d rather be myself
than boring or meek.

So, you think I’m flaky?
I’d prefer to say,
I’m eccentric, quirky,
and unique in every way!

So, don’t act your age.
Go dye your hair blue.
Have some fun, laugh out loud,
and to yourself, be true!

by Shelly Moore as if it was written for me

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