The Divine Feminine by Kirsten Todd

These intuitive and energetic expressionist portraits celebrate the Divine Feminine. highlighting the strong spirit and strength women possess and the fight to make their voices heard.

A little bit about the Divine Feminine energy:
We all have masculine and feminine energy flowing within us, and for the last few thousand years it has been out of balance with the masculine energy having a much stronger influence and in control of the way we think and feel. This imbalance has caused the patriarchal society we live in, fuelling aggression, war, anger, greed, materialism, over consumption, selfishness and dominance over women. Now there is a rise in the Divine feminine energy streaming into the planet and within us, seeking to rebalance our bodies and inner world and by extension our outer world and planet. This feminine energy brings with it compassion, strength within, heightened intuition, truth, wisdom, unity consciousness, the breakdown of old, outdated systems and increased spirituality.

Kirsten’s portraits highlight the rise of the divine feminine energy in this time of great change and awakening as we, our planet and universe are on a journey of ascension to a new higher, vibration, co-creating a new way of being and living, as many more souls awaken at this time.
They celebrate strong women, showing within them the inner strength of a warrioress – not harsh or cruel but strength with compassion and humility. Seeking balance yet showing the pain and vulnerability of a hard life lived and hardships endured and concquered. They highlight the struggle of women to be accepted as equals, giving women a much needed voice, seeing beauty within all of us and every living being, and celebrating cultural diversity and the sacred, enlightened cultures of indigenous peoples.
As we raise in consciousness and into a new paradigm the patriarchal ways will dissolve – and are dissolving slowly around us – and the rising of the feminine energy will bring the masculine and feminine into balance thus creating a balanced and unified world.

If we listen to our intuition, we can tap into unlimited strength, compassion, guidance, wisdom and creativity. We can shine our light and show the world our true essence and true powerful nature, empowering ourselves and the world around us.

Everything is connected on an energetic and molecular level from the micro to the macro, we are connected to every single thing on this planet and each other, connected to the universe and all that exists. We are comprised solely of energy, everything is energy, everything is vibrating, nothing is solid as it appears to be, we appear solid as the vibratory rate is slow. As the vibratory rate or frequency speeds up then our state changes from appearing solid to pure energy or light and we are no longer a physical being but a being of pure light. We are from the same energy source all vibrating at different frequencies as individual expressions of that energy

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