Polyresin Mixed Media Abstracts by Jane Cornwoman Fowler

During COVID-19 pandemic it gave me time to develop new art and I explored media, called polyresin foam, that I applied to my canvases. I use high quality Utrecht gesso, Utrecht acrylic paint, and archival UV light protection on my gallery wrapped canvases in the mixed media abstract expressionistic genre. I enjoy the process of making kinetic art based in biological functions basic to life. I feel closer to people after being isolated for so long and working at home outside. My hope is to share the experimentation with others and provide a glimpse into the processes going on in our bodies as lines of DNA helixes are formed to make various types of living structures. The colors are based on the 23 stains used in microbiology and the 10 stains used in biochemistry for visualizing DNA. Staining is a technique used to enhance contrast in microscopic or chemistry samples.

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