Paintings by Maes by THOMAS MAES

Thomas Maes (Belgium), in the painting of the Belgian artist preferred theme is the dream of dialogue between man and the environment. The colors are pastel shades with delicate nuances, the forms are also and well delineated,
the atmosphere is suspended between past, present and future. We are in another dimension to a parallel world that live suspended in a space that has its rules, its aromas, its lights. Us is allowed to access, just imagine, the artist takes us into the mystery of existence, thus calling into question the real world, his illusions-disappointments.

In my paintings I reflect subject of what goes on in our world, reflected in a new parallel universe or world.
Through symbolism I bring different aspects of problems and solutions to the front.
Why symbolism? Because I like my viewing public to think for their selves and give them the freedom to discover.
I spent a lot of time in research and making design drawings for my paintings.
Of every painting always has been made first a design drawing.
Some of my paintings can take weeks, even months, before I even touch the canvas.

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