Stories 2013/15 by Veronika Ban

I am a slave to the need to create and the only freedom for me is the act of creation itself. World is full of arguments, paradoxes, destructions, hurry and tears. The artist´s role here is torn between the sacredness of mischievous poetry and the impatience of everyday life that constantly brings new situations and with them ideas and inspirations. As an artist, I am recounting the tale of my life, writing the poem of my discovery and painting my emotions, constantly filing time and space with unstoppable ideas. I study life and my artworks are results of my studies.

This series was born in November of the year 2013 and it is for me representing a new circle of paintings in my creativity. In 2000, when I bought for the first time in my life a canvas and colors, i started to paint with oil colors on canvas. I felt myself as a painter. Then for many years I was using collage with acrylic colors as a main technique for realizing my ideas. I was feeling myself as an artist. What happened is that my painting part of work became just like a decorative part of the work, because collage has already took the place for the main part of the expression. So, I decided now, to make a new series of paintings without collages, which are also telling us long stories, but this time without items attacked on canvas, just with painting. I feel myself now as human being, trying to find again old painter inside myself and give some discipline to the artist.

Artworks from this series were to date exhibited at these exhibitions:
– Group exhibition Berlino in Arte at Aquabit Gallery in Berlin, Germany 2014
– Group exhibition Sense of life at Sabrina Falzone Gallery in Milan, Italy 2014
– Solo exhibition at Slovenian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, September 2014
– Solo exhibition at Caffè degli Artisti, Berlin, Germany, September 2015

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