RE.MI. "HyperPsychic" by 11HellHeaven

RE.MI. (Neaples, 1926 – Rome, 2011) is the only 11HellHeaven artist who is no longer living. It is a well deserved tribute to a true Traveller in unconscious realms, exploring the darkest ghosts of the mind through a unique pictorial language inspired by art brut and growing unpredictably beyond all categorizations.
His existence was entirely devoted to art, in his dual role as sensitive painter and as a collector and connoisseur. Pain, sorrow and religious exaltation grafted over the years on a temper already inclined by nature to psychic hypersensitivity, generating on canvas a crazy jumble of ghosts and recurrent hallucinations.
All the vast production of RE.MI. (especially in his last years, when he lived sick and in total isolation, painting with feverish zeal on every surface he could get his hands on) evokes a grandiose choral fresco of dreamlike visions that bring the artist close to the spirit of Hieronymus Bosch (1453-1516), and for which the most fitting definition could be “hyperpsychic painting”.
 Bizarre, macabre and dreadful, RE.MI.’s hyperpsychic painting with its ugly deformations and jarring colors discloses all the fears of hallucination, while the deepest intimacy of  dreams reveals an extremely real and universal bitter satire.

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