Death's Head Moths in Glass by Alison Allum

These cast,painted and fused works are social comments . Each is 2' x 4' (60cm x 120cm)

After Dark . Tattoos, skulls,faces,eyes,all combine in this cast,painted and fused glass death's head moth; the artist's comment on the wild behaviour on late weekend nights outside the clubs and pubs of the Cathedral city where she lives. It has been exhibited at the Royal Ulster Academy and PM gallery, London
Age of Reason . The images are taken from Hogarth and Gilray political cartoons of the 18th century. Made to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the accession of George 1 to the British throne. Shown at the New Georgians exhibition in London, and the Glass Biennale, Belgium 2014

Premier League. The Wives and Girlfriends of international football stars have their own celebrity following. The images are highly stylised but have their origin in photographic images posted online on WAGS websites..

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