The Art of Charles Alkula by Charles Alkula

My approach to the making of art takes as its point of origin the awareness that I am about to do something which is unexpected and undiscovered until it reveals
itself to me. This is my way of being reminded that my creative voice is unique and no one else can speak for me.

My perspective as an artist is grounded in my ethnic heritage (Finnish), my religious vocation, and a whimsical view of the world. Sisu, the Finnish expression which loosely translates as “tenacity with purpose,” helps me to keep approaching art with a determined gaze. My religious vocation has opened my awareness of and participation in the wider world. Given the serious side of my background and occupation it is important for me to apply a feeling of joy to my work. Sisu, religion, and whimsy – this is who I am and why I am able to make art as I do.

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