Mona Kandeil by Mona Kandeil

Artistic inspiration began at an early age for Mona Kandeil. Throughout her life, Mona has always been fascinated by colors and painting. The interest developed when she studied art in addition to her main study in English literature.
In addition to her administrative work, she is the founder of handmade production under the name of “MIZA” brand (2003-2018).
Mona found her passion rooted in art that consists of historical events twisted with modern based elements. From Shahrazad who is wearing a sports shoe to Helen of troy with fashionable sun glasses, through separate scenes, Mona portrays a story as well as keeping the main aspects of the original event shown. Mona wants to revive events and characters that enriched our lives, telling us that till now, we still have wars, love stories, struggle etc., but in different ways. 00201223967219 email:

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