Chopping & Weaving by Chi-Yu Lin

I’m Chi- Yu LIN,I use western oil paint composites, try to escape the traditional oil painting stacked skill, reflect the original creation of painting; present the coexistence and glory of humanity and light shadow. Calmly observing the animals and plants, both having harmonious coexistence with nature.
At present, 8 series of works have been created, and each series continues to be born with intention. The 8 series of works include:
Eight series of creations
The series creation is derived from abundant vitality and continuous energy, just like the important concept of Chinese thought "Tai Chi", it is the most primitive state of order in the universe and the origin of all things. Yin and Yang circulate and complement each other, relying on each other, transforming, and ebb and flow. They are the laws of natural change. We look forward to the auspicious signs that can conform to the "Tao" of the sky, and that will continue to move in and out of the sky.

Make good use of graphic associations to enhance the meaning of congratulations and blessings. The series of works use the deer as the protagonist to show the heroic posture, blending the peaceful atmosphere of the natural world with the deep connotation of Chinese culture in one stroke.

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