Adfectonism by Argishti

The Adfectonism painting consists of several equal and smoothly changing emotions, imprinted in the image of a certain creature.
Image of the creature in the work is the author's imagination, all emotions belong only to him. This is the hero of the painting.
Emotions must be equal, because every emotion is an indicator of life. They should not yield to each other in importance and strength. For accurate transmission of equal emotions, the author uses smooth transitions.
reality in the picture is distorted because of the many emotions in one creature. But it also saves a lot because of hints and tips.
Hints are used for completeness of content (such as duration or belonging to the period of life), as well as for the full disclosure of the hero.
Adfectonism is a portrait of the soul. This is a short film about the period of life or about a lifetime in the image of one creature.

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