ZEIKO DUKA by zeiko duka

Zeiko Duka was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia.
At 1987 she graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts Mixa Zichi, Tbilisi, Georgia. The Faculty of Architect.
After graduate she made 3 years postgraduate study in the Academy of Fine Arts Ivan Suricov in Moscow, Russia.
1992 she left her native Georgia, since them she living in Athens and took part in art and design life.
Since 2002 she is member of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (EETE).
All these years she collaborate with differences companies as designer. She collaborated with architects.
At the same time she continued activities in the painting, which had begun from student years.
From student ages she has participates in solo end collective exhibitions in Tbilisi, Kutaisi (Georgia),
Moscow, St.Petersburg (Russia), Kiev, Odessa (Ukraine), Prague (Czech Republic),
Berlin (Germany), Den Hag (Nederland), Athens (Greece), Zurich (Swaziland),
Paris (France), Oslo (Norwegian), New York, (USA).

From portraiture and still-lives to grandly orchestrated composition of life contains always the work of Zeiko Duka.
Modern person, with feelings, suffers internal wealth and greatnesses of soul – this is where magnetised the creative spirit of Zeiko.
The images of Zeiko distinguish with inspiration, full life, imagination, and colour with combination of reality.
From early childhood Zeiko has attempted to express the elusive content of dreams and imagination, allowing symbols and figures to blend together with often little or no division between background and foreground. The imagery, in keeping with the unpredictable nature of dreams, ranges from fearful to quaint; the viewer is as likely to encounter the wrath of a fire-breathing monster as they are to discover a bird leading disarmingly on a portrait-sitter’s shoulder.
With separate talent, with separate way to see pictures of life, created her forms, with harmony, with elasticity, does not remain simply a volume, is incarnation of human soul.
With separate force you reveal the characteristic of creation of painter: separate picture of each daily life, with feelings, joy and pain of person.
The time show how will still develop the course of artist, she is young, search and change persons, the persons that it has found, with the passage of time she improve, created and complete.
The creations the Zeiko are miscellaneous forms; refined, with depth of thought and imagination, always accompanied with poetry and melody.
A native of Tbilisi, Georgia, Zeiko exhibited widely in USA, Germany, Greece and many other countries.

Angela Di Bello,
“Art is Spectrum”
New York.

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