Adelia Gonzalez Portfolio by Adelia Maria Gonzalez

Throughout my early life, my right hand was the tool which I relied upon to do the most basic and complicated of my everyday tasks. Before my accident (stroke), it was my right hand with which I expressed myself in my Art. Not only was I forever changed following the stroke, so was my ability to create Art. I found myself having to rethink my whole reality at the most basic of levels. It forced me to view my life in a different light. With the loss of the main tool that I used to communicate, I thought my artistic career was over...

That was until a special person came into my life, Alex Voorn. He is a great artist, and now a great friend as well, who helped me redirect the approach I took with my work. He taught me how to use my left hand with confidence. From that moment on, I began to explore my new artistic universe from a totally different perspective.

Being scared was no longer an option. I embraced the frustration that I had with my communication deficits and rechanneled onto my work in a new way. New techniques, materials, colors, textures and even working at a much larger scale, helped to reshape my art and gave it new meaning.

As painful as it was, I choose not to forget my past. Instead, I choose to internalize the psychological aspects of my accident and recover, in turn, enriching and reshaping my creations.

- Adelia M. Gonzalez

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