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Holi is the more colorful and funny festivity of the Indian calendar and falls during the full moon of the month of Phalgun that corresponds to the month of March of the calendar Gregorian. This festivity has many elements that can themselves be assimilated to our Carnival: during the three days of celebrations, in every city, village, roads, campaigns, crowds of young people, old, children play throwing itself lean the mixed most colorful powders to water. And so in a few minutes dresses, faces, roads are colored and all, appear like in a country from fairy tale, as if same riding a rainbow. The passage from the winter to the spring could not be more joyful and colorful.

Holi Festival



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In the north lands between the Chinese mountains we can found a lot of ethnic groups, such as the Hmong or Miao, the Tay, the biggest population, and the Lu. Most of them are farmers. They were organized under the lunar cycle. The markets are full of animals and fabrics, artifacts of all types. Unfortunately, the Occidental influence is replacing the old traditions.

The ethnic minorities



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It is my dream and I am sure all people have their own dreams they want to complete their dreams, I want to complete my dream I want to become top in waorld in my dream field , I want to go with wings of courage & dreams...

flying dreams