posted by CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium

CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium and Jizaino present a further group exhibition to never quench but project indefinitely into the future the message of the shaman-artist who inspired many generations and promoted the environmentalist awareness in our society, in particular during his intense relation with the Italian cultural scene. This show wants to keep the debate running on the truest and deepest feeling of love for the nature that pushed him, through artworks by contemporary artists who confront with his way to express and make art, his activities, his personality or even his figure. We Are Joseph Beuys 6 - 26 April 2022 CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium Corso Buenos Aires 42 11 Lavagna, Italy Open all days 10 am - 6 pm booking on www.ctao.eu Free entrance http://ctao.eu/

We Are Joseph Beuys