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Life is a passage, time moves on with or without us. Yet we are human and yearn for a sense of belonging and connection. These are the words that welcome us to the new exhibit YESTERYEAR, photographs by Alison Watt Jackson in the Museum of Art’s First Gallery, December 7 – 31, 2012. Among her black and white photographs are long unused ice skates, and a storefront frozen in time. Ms. Watt Jackson manages to find diminutive visual moments in the world around her. Alison Watt Jackson is a fine art photographer who has participated in both solo and group shows throughout the United States and has won several international awards. The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and exhibiting the visual arts. 1010 Broad Street. Hours are 11 am to 5 pm daily, closed Tuesdays. Admission free.

Alison Watt Jackson: Yesteryear



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Pointing a live video camera at it’s own projection gives what is known as a "video feedback loop". The camera reads the screen and then projects the image, in a repeating vortex. By carefully adjusting the angles and standard controls on a mid-1990's-era video camera, Ethan Turpin isolates the self-sustaining patterns. The real-time animation can move from patterns resembling pantheistic design to microorganisms expanded to a human scale, evoking the uncanny feeling that life has emerged from within the system. Participants can move in the space between the camera and projection screen surface, integrating into the abstracted image.

Bloom Projects: Video Feedaback: Pixel Behaviors



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Exhibitions on view: October 21 – December 23, 2012 Call For Entries 2012: Alexander Bogdanov, Samantha Fretwell, Jae Hee Lee, Ilia Ovechkin, and Rimas Simaitis CAF showcases five stand-outs from the tri-counties in our annual Call For Entries (CFE) group exhibition, an opportunity that invited the artists to present newly commissioned work in the galleries. Applicants were selected in Fall 2011 by a panel of distinguished jurors made up of artists and art professionals currently working in the visual arts field. ADMISSION IS FREE

Call for Entries 2012



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Lapsus is an International call for photographic and video projects curated by the Italian critic Marinella Paderni which invites artists to reflect on how “History of art shows us that many works were born of accidental 'mistakes' which occurred during the execution of a project, the taking of a picture or the recording of a video". More about the theme: http://www.celesteprize.com/lapsus2013/ Each project can contain up to 10 photographs and/or videos. By 30 March, 15 projects will be chosen by the selection panel. At the exhibition opening on 17 May 2013 the curator of Lapsus, Marinella Paderni, will choose the three winning projects and award € 2,000 prizes. Exhibition of the 15 projects will be at the fsmgallery, Florence and will run from 17 May to 15 June 2013.

Lapsus, international contest



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ARTStap is an Artist centered and non-profit initiative. We are Ireland's Leading Publication, Network and Resource for the Contemporary Visual & Sonic Arts. The ARTStap journal is published 3 times yearly, it supports and engages with the work of leading and emerging international practitioners within their respected fields. The Network has become a Central Point for international Artists, Curators, Collectives, Galleries etc. to create their Professional Profiles, Post & search through the upcoming events & opportunities, search the funding microsite, enter the library and experience the latest issues of the ARTStap Publication. Our members are an active, engaging and talented bunch and we would love to see you and what you do their too.

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