Arhipenko Daniel

Artist. Born in Saint-Petersburg.11.07.1985. Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.Russia.
Works in different ways of expression - painting,sculpture and installation.
Two years as an irregular student in Ilya Repin St.Peterburg State Academic Institute of Fine Art.
Independent copying of old master in the world museums.
In 2010 joined the International Union of Artists IFA.
In 2013 joined the New Academy of Fine Arts of Timur Novikov



Size: 90 x 120 cm

"The Forms of Time" is the installation-workshop of Adriaen van Ostade

The installation-workshop of the artist. The work called "The Forms of Time" is the installation-workshop of Adriaen van Ostade. It was made as a tribute to 350th anniversary of Ostade's masterpiece "The painter in his workshop" 1663,at the Sempergalerie, Dresden.

Size: 210 x 270 cm

Materials used: main background - oil on board, on the easel there is a turned on monitor with a moving glowing recktangle highlighting main shapes: triangle, square, circle (the triangle is yellow, the circle is blue and the square is red).
The installation includes the following objects: brushes, mahlstick, books, vernice bottles, old engravings, the XVII th century canvas-stretcher where the monitor it stretched. A candid camera captures the audience reaction to the object and displays it on a big plazma screen.
With this work using the video capabilities I intended to show the interaction of old forms and new approaches to perception of old and new forms of portrayal.
The installation presented is a part of a big project "Painters' workshops"(Kandinsky, Turner, Botero, Velazquez and others)
210X270 cm, 2013)

"Your Dog"

Size: 150 x 150 cm

"Your Dog"

Size: 120 x 120 cm

"Glass jars"

Size: 155 x 210 cm