"The Forms of Time" is the installation-workshop of Adriaen van Ostade by Arhipenko Daniel

The installation-workshop of the artist. The work called "The Forms of Time" is the installation-workshop of Adriaen van Ostade. It was made as a tribute to 350th anniversary of Ostade's masterpiece "The painter in his workshop" 1663,at the Sempergalerie, Dresden.

Size: 210 x 270 cm

Materials used: main background - oil on board, on the easel there is a turned on monitor with a moving glowing recktangle highlighting main shapes: triangle, square, circle (the triangle is yellow, the circle is blue and the square is red).
The installation includes the following objects: brushes, mahlstick, books, vernice bottles, old engravings, the XVII th century canvas-stretcher where the monitor it stretched. A candid camera captures the audience reaction to the object and displays it on a big plazma screen.
With this work using the video capabilities I intended to show the interaction of old forms and new approaches to perception of old and new forms of portrayal.
The installation presented is a part of a big project "Painters' workshops"(Kandinsky, Turner, Botero, Velazquez and others)
210X270 cm, 2013)

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