Angi Aldrich

Artist, Instructor

Born and raised in northern Indiana. I attended Indiana Wesleyan University for my BS. I majored in Painting and Illustration and Minored in Art History.

I have been teaching art and it's creation process since May of 1998.

I have had a home studio since 2000.


Master Thesis

These images are related to my Master's Thesis and are part of a bigger portfolio, 24 pieces created less then 6 months. 12 portraits and 12 geometric abstracts. The portraits are of children who are dealing with terminal illness in some manner. They either are diagnosed or someone within their immediate family is diagnosed as terminal. I captured a moment in time when they were faced with overcoming a fear, some handled it very well and smiled, some were more apprehensive. The geometric abstract pieces are really huge paper air planes unfolded and then painted with the child's favorite color. The child took a personality test and the results were compared to the personality of how the paper air plane flew. The portraits are acrylic on wood 16x24". The planes are 31x44", acrylic on wood.

Student work

Teaching is my passion. Teaching not to be afraid of making mistakes, teaching to take risks, teaching to ask the "what ifs" in life. These images are just some of the results.

recycled sculpture “recycled sculpture”

students were asked to find something in the trash that could be salvaged and carved.

recycled weaving “recycled weaving”

students went dumpster diving and created a weaving with found material

lanterns “lanterns”

cardboard and rice paper students were able to create lanterns

mini monsters “mini monsters”

Tim Burton was our inspiration for these miniatures. These creatures were created out of glue and toilet paper, wire and wood.

community involvement “community involvement”

students created this piece for the community to be involved with art. the design was set on a community square and the students went around to wondering community members to see if they would like to draw on an "ever changing" piece. every 1/2 hour there was paint either dripped or thrown on the piece. After several hours of community involvement, the Raven was uncovered and the piece was pushed through a parade route to show the community what they did.

community involvement “community involvement”

another image of the community involvement piece

community involvement “community involvement”

I have the students think of ways of how they can "pay it forward" with art. This is just one of many community service projects

painting class “painting class”

hanger, wood, panty hose, paint. we first created the sculpture pieces, thinking about the positive and negative spaces, we then painted the pieces as if they were showing movement.

My work

I love to paint. I love to experiment with paint. I try to paint on different substrates, these are the results. I am not afraid to fail, or ask the question "what if".

growth “growth ”

acrylic on wood, 3-d wood cut out

shock “shock”

acrylic on wood, 3-d cut out

Mrs. Aldrich “Mrs. Aldrich”

acrylic on wood, 3-d cut out

memories “memories”

paper, wood, acrylic

acceptance “acceptance”

acrylic on wood, 3-d cut out

Us, the things I miss, but love “Us, the things I miss, but love”

acrylic on wood, 3-d paste

Us, the things I miss, but love “Us, the things I miss, but love”

this is a family portrait,
acrylic on wood, 3-d paste

Us, the things I miss, but love “Us, the things I miss, but love”

acrylic on wood, 3-d paste

Mrs. Aldrich “Mrs. Aldrich”

layered painting, wood cut outs, acrylic on wood

Magnolia “Magnolia”

acrylic on plexi glass. 24x36" I am attempting to answer my question of "what if". I wanted to know what it would look like if I painted on glass and it be a double sided painting. The hanging would either come from the ceiling or I would create a stand. The frame would have a groove in the center. There are a series of 12 paintings that I attempted to answer the question. I even created several layered paintings that asked the question 'about depth."

pondering “pondering”

acrylic on plexi glass. 16X24. Attempting to show depth by painting on 3 layers.

pondering “pondering”

acrylic on Plexiglas 16x24" What's behind the apple? 3 layer painting, again playing with actual depth and engaging the viewer to see what's behind the apple.

arts and crafts moon “arts and crafts moon”

acrylic on plexi 16x24" this painting I was investigating what it might look like to paint on top/behind the painting. I drew on both sides of the plexi, then painted on 1 side.

arts and crafts crane “arts and crafts crane”

acrylic on plexi 16x24" Investigating depth, 2 sided paintings.

arts and crafts balloon “arts and crafts balloon”

acrylic on plexi 16x24" investigating the issue of depth and 2 sided paintings

Evaluation of Wabash, “Evaluation of Wabash, ”

acrylic on plexi 5x14" investigating 2 sided painting and drawings and depth.