Location: Italy

My existential experience and artistic production is scored by a search across the spaces of world. Art is for me, a polyhedral and multiform form of free expression, which lead to communication between individuals, this is a basic concept for me. The sensations and inspirations that let me take are reflected in the expression, and this is realized in a photograph, in a framework, a video, in a scene, in an installation. So, My work moves through visual and performing Arts. I choose and I use different materials, tools and means. Then I apply a concept, different techniques for creating an artwork. My work can be instantaneous, like a photo click, a frame; but it can be also progressive, like a video/film shoot, such as un montage. Therefore, I need to interact with other forms of language, so I run visual, video -installation, -performance, -dance. In the sense that I like creating developing a narrative form, or to break the narrative to create an abstract structure. It is a research taken from different themes, which all lead back to the form of object abstraction. The body, the object and the space also transform in an abstract way. Inspired by a real event or visual situation, I develop a new content that can convey messages or other interpretations.



These are works produced following a specific and topic research, and through different media/technics, who lead to the form of object's abstraction. Here, the object come from a concept or a spread reality. The object and the space transform in an abstract way when we lose of view the sense of reality.

Aphonia “Aphonia”

Created in 2015 - cm 95x95x0,3. This composition is a sort of "mute space”. Today the social space is increasingly controlled, reticular, whereby our movements are sequential following an algorithm.

Undefined “Undefined”

Created in 2013 - cm 95x95x0,3.
I had the idea of creating a dark surface that does not give a sense of anxiety or rejection, but of approach, of closeness.
The object come from a spread reality. The object and the social space also transform in an abstract way.

Con-Fusion “Con-Fusion”

Created in 2009 - cm 80x80x0,3.
This abstract work can transmits many and various interpretations, and reflects the profound socio-cultural confusion in which the individual lives. In this photographic surface can be seen more than one thing.

Food's TabuLation “Food's TabuLation”

Created in 2011 - cm 95x95x0,4. To do this conceptual work, I extrapolated from one my video art, some frames one by one, then I reassembled them in serial mode. This is a frames’s sequence that gives me a sense of re-production of the good/food.