Cristina Rimniceanu

Cristina Rimniceanu is a painter born in Romania on 25th December 1968. She moved to the UK in 2013. She attended the University of Fine Arts courses in Iasi - Romania. Her passion for painting comes from childhood, during this time she is successfully exposing her work in various competitions of painting and engraving. For most of her paintings she is using watercolour, acrylic, oil, oil pastel and ink. She adopts diverse artistic genres, from landscape to abstract painting. The paintings are executed in brush, knife and fingertips. Her work contains original and expressive themes without using any sketching. Some paintings are executed in combined techniques of brush and knife. Moving to the UK meant for the artist a new beginning. Since she got in the UK she has only participated in the contest organised by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery where she got a Special Recognition Certificate for "Heavy Romanian Winter", Special Merit Category Certificate for “Lavender in Vase” on Landscape Art Exhibition, Special Recognition Category for “Danube Delta’s Hunter”, Special Merit Category for “Four Seasons”and more. All her paintings follow to be exhibited in the Art Gallery from the UK in the nearer future.



The modern city means evolution, modernity, agglomeration, diversity, rush, modern architecture, emancipation but it also many problems that result from it.
The old city brings us a natural life, traditions, the green oases, people's smiles, respect and peace of mind!
I trying to bring on canvas the aspects of traditional old town and modern cities. I'm attaching the silence on canvas and also the rush of modernism