I'm a beginning artist without academic education)) Want to be seen, to be heard & liked)))) and, of course, criticised. instagram: sikatrinazu



air “air”

pencil, paper, A4

Madonna “Madonna”

color pencil, paper, A4

Mata Hari “Mata Hari”

pencil, paper, A4

Marlen Ditrich “Marlen Ditrich”

pencil, paper, A4

elements “elements”

pencil, gellium metallic pen, paper, A4


#the_lobster “#the_lobster”

acryl, paper, 85*30cm

#electrical_storm “#electrical_storm”

acryl, paper, 85*31cm

Deja vu “Deja vu”

When a soul is about to come down on Earth as a human it is shown the main "stations" in the future life, what the person should pass through. Then a child is born, & it forgets everything... We search, we seek, we strugle for smth... When we "feel" the deja vu - it means we come a little bit closer to THAT "destiny" we've been shown ones...

Acryl on canvss, glass, shels, glitters, sand

The Origin “The Origin”

Alpha and Omega. The ORIGIN where everyth comes from & where everyth returns in the end

The Origin “The Origin”

acryl, glass

leave me alone “leave me alone”

for the people who try to teach me how to live MY life