Gary Hopkins

I live in Oregon in the US, and have been a painter with traditional media for many years and for the last 15 years working digitally to produce bold and colorful abstracts that reflect my love of music ( Jazz and Classical ) and nature. I have just recently begun to exhibit my works professionally.


Digital Paintings

These works are all created from scratch using no photographic images. They have been
created using a Wacom tablet, Photoshop and ArtRage for the painting software and image

Hidden From the Unready Eye “Hidden From the Unready Eye”

seeing an abstract work sometimes takes a bit of work to let the artists vision and use of
color, line and texture define it presence to the viewer, whose eye is ready to see
what is present. and implied

Alberts Last Dream “Alberts Last Dream”

This is a tribute to the English painter Albert Irving, whose joyous use of color and
brushwork has been a great inspiration

Bach Cello Suite - 1 “Bach Cello Suite - 1”

Created and inspired by this classical music. I hope is reveals the passion, and
complexity that reveals a reality that is beyond words.

Blu Writ “Blu Writ”

WRIT - a formal written action by the color blue to act in a specific way. as that color organizes
this work to define certain energies of form and color.