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Luc Brun-Perasso / LucArtInks

Location: France

Luc Brun-Perasso / LucArtInks: shaking up the senses

Listed artist at Akoun, Luc Brun-Perasso has been drawing since his childhood. Thanks to his unique style, his mastery of the brush, he shares with us his vision of the world, his questions, his concerns, his hopes.

The painter, working particularly with Indian ink, creates hyperrealistic works, portraits and landscapes that move us, whose deep blacks touch and challenge us.

Perfectionist, Luc Brun-Perasso cultivates his attention to detail to better take us on interior journeys that reconnect us to our humanity.

Hypersensitive, the painter considers art as a therapy, a refuge that allows him to resonate with his emotions and share them with us.


Black Music

The method used, infinitely detailed brush ink, is the one I use in most of my paintings. Black Music (100 * 150cm) was made in 1 year.

Black Music “Black Music”

This is part of the history of black music, blues-jazz-rock-reggae, its energy and its communicative joy.
A symbol of love and peace in tribute to the men and women who put their energy at the service of art for all.
I wanted to highlight these great artists, whose name or sound we know for most of them, but not always the figures.

I had to show in a luminous choreography, a timeless spectacle: in this period of torment and great changes, harmony is possible.

Through the expression of faces and bodies, the hands are also in the foreground, those hands that play, laugh or open towards us. These hands which, like the voice, are our most beautiful tool and our most beautiful means of connection.

How did this table get started? After finishing another large Indian ink painting with a much darker and sader theme, I was looking for balance. My answer was in art, then in music in particular, this art of such variety in its works as in its characters. Inspired by my musical tastes, I identified singers or musicians whose works have toured the world, then limited the list ... so many possibilities! The design of the painting, selection of photos and overall staging then germinated.

The method used, infinitely detailed brush ink, is the one I use in most of my paintings. Black Music (100 * 150cm) was made in 1 year.

Up or Down ?

The method used, Indian ink and brush, infinitely detailed, is the one I use in most of my paintings. The realization of Up or Down (100 * 100cm) was done in 18 months.

Up or Down ? “Up or Down ?”

This is the reality of the torments that humanity has imposed on itself, an eternal fall in rising (!) Every day more. It is the story of the punishments inflicted on men and women by the same under cover of an idea of ​​domination, reign and mystical order of a beyond invented and written by the human being. It is a story of three monotheistic religions, many wars, glory and power, money, all abuse.
It is the story of lust, the destruction of nature, the exploitation of the other, of a selfish society and people eager for wealth. It's a story of blood flowing, a long drift. It’s everyone’s disgust, carnage for what, where?
Climb or fall in an endless tunnel, get lost in labyrinths, but do not hide your face and do not forget the victims of history, be lucid, that is the purpose of Up or Down.
This table started in 2017, as a therapy. If the power of religions and its multiple excesses and consequences have revolted me for a very long time, at the start of the 21st century when all extremism has been liberated, I had to exorcise this anger which haunted me.
A theater scene depicting world hunger gave me the initial idea (the 2 central characters and the disgust). Then came the idea of ​​a mid-historical, half-geographic fresco outlining this disgust. Internet giving access to all the elements, I had all the trouble of the world at hand, only remained to stage it.


The method used, Indian ink and brush.

Coucou “Coucou”

Lost in her head, she no longer knows why she is there. Tormented, locked up, she despairs of remembering. All these pills knock her out, she'll never get there, she holds her head and pulls and presses ... feel a touch against her cheeks, be alive. The rest is all soft, all blurry. What is madness?
A cuckoo passing by lands on his shoulder.
Everyone looks in one direction, none of us observe us, spectators. Is that madness?
Cuckoo was made in an initial version in 2012, it was called "Lost", and represented only the character of the woman. In 2019, I wanted to give it more substance and depth, and to provide a scenario that would light up the scene.
The drama is put into perspective with this cuckoo on the shoulder, a reference to this magnificent film "Flight over a cuckoo's nest". Thus completed this painting represents the madness and the confinement of our societies, and the hope of a flight of thought towards freedom.


The method used, Indian ink and brush.

Tatoo “Tatoo”

Reinventing ourselves every day, taking shape and harmonizing like a painting, we are what we decide to do with the body given to us.
Tatoo was produced in 2015. After a series of portraits, this one could have been called self portrait of an angel.

Eau de vie

The method used, Indian ink and brush, is the one I use in the vast majority of my paintings. The Eau de Vie (50 * 65 cm) was made in 18 months.

Eau de vie “Eau de vie”

It’s water and it’s life.
  It’s endless in a bubble universe.
  It’s a makeover.
The realization of Eau de Vie, blue ink to change all my blackboards, asked me all year 2015. Each little bubble is done with a brush. I immersed myself in this bath of youth in search of perfection ...