Anica Nina Govedarica

Anica Nina Govedarica

Location: Portugal

I was born in Zagreb in 1971, where I studied painting with Professor Emil Robert Tanay between 1992 and 1997. In 1998 I moved to Portugal, where I worked with other artists until 2004. I am married with the Portuguese author and illustrator Fernando Relvas and with currently live in Lisbon.

Individual exhibitions:
• 2011- Centro de Arte Contemporânea da Amadora, Portugal
- Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisbon
- Espaço Santa Casa, Lisbon
• 2005- Samoborski Muzej, Croatia
- Dvorac Gredice, Zabok, Croatia
• 2003- Livraria Ler Devagar, Lisbon, Portugal
• 2002- Quebra Costas, Coimbra, Portugal
- Galeria Chora Musica, Almada, Portugal
• 2001- Loreto, Lisboa, Portugal
• 2000 - Galeria Santa Rita, Colares, Portugal
- Galeria do Instituto Nacional de Habitação, Lisbon
• 1998 - Galerija Ericsson Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia
• 1997 - Gradska knjižnica Samobor, Croatia

Group exhibitions:
• 2012 - MértolArte 2012, Mertola, Portugal
• 2011 - XVII Galeria Aberta, Beja, Portugal
• 2010 - Feira d’Arte Contemporânea da Amadora, Portugal
• 2009 - 5º zagorski likovni salon, Croatia
• 2006 - 4º zagorski likovni salon, Croatia
• 2005 - Espaço Delfim Guimarães, Amadora, Portugal
• 2002- Galeria Municipal do Museu Regional de Sintra, Portugal
- VII Bienal de Artes Plasticas “Cidade de Montijo”
• 2001- XII Bienal de Artes Plasticas da Festa do Avante, Portugal


Alice and friends

I paint to make connections with exterior world. Every painting is story itself, mainly inspired in some events or human relations. Mostly I use acrylic paint and prefer good quality paper rather than canvas. Some paintings took a quite long time to be finished. I’m trying to make harmony where the one doesn’t exist and find optimist solutions even in very pessimist circumstances. With combinations of colors I’m trying to create new dimension and interpret the world with very few recognizable elements.