Gayle Printz

“To provide viewers freedom to find emotional meaning in the intangible by evoking the unconscious use of their own imagination." — Gayle Printz

Although it seems impossible to anyone who has seen her work, American Artist Gayle Printz picked up her first paintbrush in May of 2020. Printz is now considered “One of the World’s most important Contemporary Artists of our time.” 189 different Printz paintings share over 420 Juried International Art Awards, and Printz’s work is on Permanent Exhibit in France at Le Musée d’ Peinture d’ Saint-Frajou. Soaring in value on the walls of prominent Art Collectors, Investors and Enthusiasts around the Globe, Printz paintings have proven to be a worthy investment.

Growing up, Gayle spent eight summers at Interlochen Arts Academy. She went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her Juris Doctor Degree from Boston University School of Law. In August of 2020, Ms. Printz established Fine Art Sales, Abstract Art by Gayle Printz, an online Contemporary Art Gallery comprised of her original award-winning modern art portfolio at

Using color, flow, three-dimensionality, and distinct brushwork, Printz creates paintings that transcend the familiar. There is great meaning in her artworks, but Gayle Printz will neither define that meaning nor intrude on the viewer’s personal interpretation. Because she believes the importance of a painting is based upon the emotion it evokes, Printz wants to give the viewer uninterrupted freedom to feel. She wants you to experience the World in unanticipated ways. As such, Printz artworks are famous for drawing the viewer in and inviting them to assign personal meaning and universal context by listening to the whispers of their imagination. Look closely, and you may even notice a magical quality to her paintings; they are known to somehow change depending upon the angle at which you gaze. To this, Printz states simply that, “As with life, the meaning in my work depends upon the way you look at it.”

For Gayle Printz, creating these remarkable works of art during the pandemic helped her bring lightness and beauty back into a world that was interrupted. Now, by encouraging each of us to use our imagination as the lens through which to find meaning in her work, Gayle hopes to share that beauty with every viewer open to embarking upon this subconscious journey.


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