Jay Q

Jay Q



Random Works

I have always stated that I am more of an expressionist Artist. The best way to explain my perspective on it would be to say that my best work comes from an emotional hijacking. My art combines the ideas of representational & abstract subjects to convey a deeper message or powerful emotion. Usually this comes directly from my own experiences, but sometimes even the emotional experiences of others. My primary choice of medium is oil paint, but I am also highly experienced in encaustic painting, graphite drawing, and photography. I am always looking to explore other techniques and mediums like wood burning & other mixed medias as it helps me develop & grow as an artist.
My artwork is usually constructed in multiple layers giving it it’s texture and depth. At the start of each piece, whether driven by emotion or a commissioned project, I place an array of pigment on the canvas as its first layer that psychologically symbolize the concept. With each layer the art comes to life as more detail is added within another layer of medium. My work has been known to look similar to Salvador Dali’s art as he has been a major influence when studying him in art history. The surrealism that he created was so alluring and made the viewer think deeper of its meaning, and I knew that is what I wanted my work to do.
Art has always been a way for me to express myself that doesn’t interrupt others around me and helps me sustain a sense of emotional intellect. My goal as an artist, as well in life, is to inspire growth in the viewers’ hearts & minds with my own heart and creativity. I believe there is a place for me in the art world because art is a way to express yourself, an idea, a concept, or thought that is hard to explain in words, and the meaning of my art does just that. As I open and erupt my heart into my art, I know that at least one person will be touched and that is all that matters.

I Connect “I Connect”

The mind’s eye plays a part as the glue connecting our imagination to our reality. We have eyes that see, yes, but they also reveal one’s true depth as we grow through our experiences. The artist’s intention is to provide an experience not only visual, but also without sense of touch as the screws and texture of the art provides a sense of emotion when gently grazing your fingertips along the eye outward. What do you feel when touching the piece carefully then taking a step back to view it? Has your thought of the piece changed? The depth of the eye is illustrated by the pupil bleeding outward by the comparison of our experiences with pain sorrow, sadness, and trails having a lot to do with our growth; much of what we tend to hide from each other. The colorful texture in the back represents our good experiences even on rough terrain. The artist leaves the quantity of screws unknown to keep the viewer guessing as we tend to do with each other.

Letting Go “Letting Go”

A beautiful, radiantly warm scenery draws in the viewer with the carefree butterfly holding the center of attention. Everyone wishes to feel some sort of freedom, whether that's from work, family, responsibilities, or even a significant other. I chose a butterfly because, to me, it resembles every sense of the word, freedom; to do whatever it wants without pressure from others. The thing anyone automatically thinks about when a butterfly is mentioned, is how beautiful they are; not asking what they are doing, or where they are going... just a loving gaze and joyful thoughts. The yellow and orange colors represent creativity and artistry with how freeing it feels when I'm left alone to create letting lose such emotional energy like that's illustrated within the background. This energy that roars of excitement embraces the passion of true desire encouraging the butterfly to continue to soar through the sky.

Escaping “Escaping”

A magnificent variety of layered oil paint & the use of orange and yellow pigments unify to bring life in capturing the viewer into the depth of escaping time in its semi-monochromatic illustration. This expressionist art piece about time and how easily it can be torn & disintegrated hopes to bring the viewer to ponder its value. Time is always moving forward with or without us being conscious of it & found that many times there are moments when it escapes us. Whether it’s due to a fast pass life, a moment of tragedy, hardship, depression or even when we intentionally want to forget life’s trials using recreational substances. The conscious mind can completely be unaware of the time of day. Our attention is absorbed into the back thoughts of our minds as we slip into an unconscious state. Time moves so quickly that the phrase, “time is short” has taken over countless conversations as well as “where has the time gone”. Will we continue to let time escape us or hold on to it, take care of it, and make better use of it?

Feels Like Home “Feels Like Home”

In many moments in life, the artist has felt like an outsider, alone, abandoned, a stranger, or an outcast. So much to where he doesn’t feel safe or comforted. In this piece, the artist expresses his feelings through the mysteries of nature, lights and space. This beautiful depiction illustrates such captivating colors and stars as to appear as an invitation. The abondance of stars creates a lure of comfort, pulling away any sense of loneliness, making it feel like home with warming, cozy sensations through the reflections of colors throughout the sky. This landscape emotes a home-like welcome, unlike the judgmental, angry, hateful, dirty, deceitful, vindictive and destructive people that the artist has come across in his lifetime.

Timeless “Timeless”

This image was created to show a sense of timelessness by the clock manifested in the background shining over the diamonds. Diamonds are known for being timeless, and with its emerald color bringing an essence of a deep antique glamour. The shimmers and shine of brilliant light patterns reflecting off a mirror and diamonds also shows its glamour, but also symbolizes timeless stars in the sky. The contrast and overall darkness of the photographic brings us into space, as the artist reveals the depth of the universe and how time is infinite. Art, Time and Light are the infinity of us all. It started before us and will long be there after us. There's no life or death here. Just a split moment in infinity.

Piece by Piece “Piece by Piece”

Complicated are the hearts that beat within us. It has so much responsibility and yet criticized so harshly. Judgement strikes our hearts like waves crashing into a mountainside. Perception cascaded in favor of society’s stigma. Are we the ones with black hearts or is it society’s black heartedness projected onto us? Our hearts aren’t dead; they are more alive, beating faster than many. Our impulsive reactions are then only resulting from the actions of the masses.
Somewhat of a lyrical thought, the artist wrote about the piece you see before you. A black heart with vast energy, alive, and beating, but yet in pieces. Some wish to have this metaphoric black heart, and some wish their lives had never come to produce such a thing.

Hands Tied “Hands Tied”

Love has always been the strongest, most vibrant, and powerful essence within the artist. Over the years he grew tremendously, spending much time alone, tuning into his heart and mind, reflecting on the past, present and future. Being more self-aware helped break apart much confusion about his sensitive, empathic heart. Showing him how strong it really is helped the artist no longer view it as weakness. He has an authentic kind heart. He believes being able to attune to others emotional well-being easily created this overall feeling of unconditional love towards most people that enhanced a multi preceptive sense of understanding. This piece enriched with the loving energy shows how effortless loving others is for him… even with hands tied behind his back.

Life “Life”

I originally created this piece with the idea of viewing the land and water, but as the wax settled and with some blending if formed the presence of a sun and moon. Yin & yang partnership that gives balance in life. The “tree of life” painted with oil paint on top of the wax also brings a sense of darkness as the tree is painted without its leaves and ties into the dark colors within the parts of wax. The tree lives through timeless trials as its roots are still plunged deep beneath the tree. It continues to see the light of day & the shining moon of night. Resin is poured on top to give the piece its shining glossy glow of life.

Toxicity “Toxicity ”

The title here completely puts the meaning of this piece together for you. The illustration is clear; the heart is being invaded by something toxic or chemical compound. The arrows going through the heart with violent blows describes the agonizing heart in the center of darkness to emphasize the nature of feeling hopeless, alone, and torn apart destructively. This is how the artist believes the feeling is like when around toxic people or intertwined with any variation of a toxic relationship: wounded, infected, isolated, neglected, agonizing torture, and forever afflicted.