William T. Moore Iii

William T. Moore III was born in Decatur, Alabama. Portraits and the figure would lead him to work with Northern Ohio, monumental life sculptor William M. McVey, but only after undergraduate school was completed at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1984. While at the Institute, Mr. Moore developed his individual abstract voice through other materials investigations that would become so important to him throughout his life. After Mr. Moore’s apprenticeship with various other Cleveland, Ohio artists. Moore enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts, Sculpture Program at Kent State University, finishing in 1996. Mr. Moore is an abstract sculptor who has exhibited throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, online and in gallery.


Shadow of the Avian Family

William T. Moore III – Artavita Artist Statement 10/23/2022
While in Texas four years ago I went walking outside and came across a very large grove of oak trees filled with hundreds of blackbirds. They were singing and rustling their wings in a symphonic cacophony that by sheer volume was emotionally moving to me. It was in this moment I felt not only the magnificence of the blackbirds, but also the majesty of God the Great Creator’s Artistry. Now when in the studio working, I feel one with my Higher Power.
The sculptures I am presenting all have their genesis in birds, peanuts, almonds and heart structures. All directed in various ways towards sarcasm’s and lampooning’s of the nationalistic and authoritarian right throughout the United States and the world. The strength of this artwork lies in the use of building methods in bronze and woodworking techniques, such as hand carving and building methods that gives my sculpture life. To leave a positive mark on this world is what I am about. I am trying to do that through my sculpture and my legacy.

Straight Man; A Self Portrait “Straight Man; A Self Portrait”

Year; 2019 Size; 13.5"x 12.75"x 8", Materials; Bronze on Wood Painted, Price $ 800.00 This is the starting point after a 5 year absence of doing any artwork. I chose this work to be an abstraction of how I feel about myself through the small maquette attached to a board painted and hung on the wall.

Wise Guy; A Self Portrait “Wise Guy; A Self Portrait”

Year; 2019 Size; 13.5"x 12.75"x 8" Materials: Bronze & Wood Painted, Price; $ 800.00 Wise Guy is in reference to the Three Stooges and not taking ones self too seriously at times. Being an abstracted self portrait it is also looking inward and learning to accept ones self for who he is.

Civil Unrest “Civil Unrest”

Year; 2019 Size; 25.5"x 12.75"x 8" Materials; Bronze on Wood Painted Price; 1450.00 This was done in reaction to the Civil Unrest around the world and for many causes, both violent and non-violent.

Pride & The Tree of Life “Pride & The Tree of Life”

Year 2019 Dimensions: 13"x 25.5"x 12.75" Materials: Bronze on Wood Painted Price: $ 1500.00 This work celebrates my LGBTQ friends and community who have taught me how to accept myself and in the spirit of caring for each other as we go along in our everyday lives.

Duplicity “Duplicity”

Year: 2021 Dimensions: 73"x 25"x24" Materials: Bronze, Wood, Polywipe Price: 5,000.00

Phoenix Fire Bird “Phoenix Fire Bird”

Year 2021 Dimensions: 71"x 25" x24" Materials: Wood, Polywipe Paint Price: $ 4,500.00 This work addresses my feeling of rebirth with finding myself through my friends and my sculpture as I am creating all the new artwork I am now doing now.

Seeing the Blackbirds Song “Seeing the Blackbirds Song”

Year 2022, Dimensions: 73"x 17"x13" Materials Wood, Polywipe, Watco oil, Wax, Price: 6,000.00 The Blackbirds have a song worth listening too as in unison I hear the cry of my brothers and sisters in Texas.

Tombstone 2022 “Tombstone 2022”

Year 1/2022 Dimensions: 68.5"x 18"x 11" Year 2022 Materials: Wood, Paint, Polywipe Price: 3,400.00 FUNERAL FOR MY GUNS! FUNERAL FOR MY HATE!

What Woman's Rights! “What Woman's Rights!”

Year 7/2022 Dimensions: 69.5"x 18"x11" Year 7/2022 Materials: Wood, Stain, Paint, Polywipe Price: 3,600.00 IT'S A MAN'S WOMB! IT'S A MAN'S WORLD.

Contraception “Contraception”

Year 7/2022 Dimensions: 69.5"x 18"x 11" Year 7/2022 Materials: Wood, Stain, Paint, Polywipe Price: 3,200.00 SHE LOVES ME. SHE LOVES MY KNOT.

Brothers “Brothers”

Year 8/2022 Dimensions: 69.5"x 18"x 11" Year 8/2022 Materials: Wood, Stain, Paint, Polywipe BROTHERS IN ARMS

Sisters “Sisters”

Year 9/2022 Dimensions: 69"x 18"x 11" Year 9/2022 Materials: Wood, Stain, Paint, Polywipe Price: $ 3,200.00 A SISTER'S HEARTBEAT

Avian Preflight Check “Avian Preflight Check”

Year 10/2022 Dimension: 59"x 24"x 14" Year 10/2022 Materials: Wood, Stain, Polywipe